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Increase Storage Capacity Quickly and Efficiently

Storage as a Service that is Secure, Resilient, and Redundant

Taking on storage is a complex endeavor. Purchasing, staging, configuration and supporting storage hardware are all part of the process, and depending on the volume of data and retention requirements, it can be expensive. Public cloud storage options are sometimes worth considering, but retrieval charges often accompany them, and not all businesses feel comfortable relying on cloud storage.

Data is the lifeblood of your business, and digitalization is ensuring that data volumes continue to multiply exponentially. Your IT organization deserves an efficient, cost-effective method to augment storage capacity. Partnering with a data center expert who can deliver elastic data storage capacity and management capabilities multiplies the forces of your IT team and reduces expenses.

DataBank Storage as a Service provides quick turnaround of secure, resilient, redundant, and encrypted storage for DataBank colocation customers. The solution physically resides in existing colocation facilities, ensuring security and compliance including FIPS 140-2.

Quickly Gain Operational Agility

  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX by eliminating the need to purchase and manage additional SAN
  • Opt for a consumption-based pricing model to maximize efficiency
  • Ensure security and compliance by relying on a storage solution located in existing colocation facilities

Manage Costs, Security, and Resiliency

Storage as a Service provides encrypted storage for colocation customers with security, resiliency and redundancy built in. Storage as a Service is accessible via physical cross-connect in DataBank data center locations, which eliminates costly retrieval charges and any potential concerns decision makers may have with public cloud storage options. This solution is an excellent fit for colocation customers who require additional storage capacity and a fast, efficient way to increase it. DataBank Storage as a Service removes the financial burdens of expanding storage clusters and enhances security and compliance. Running out of local SAN space, fielding the costs of purchasing new SAN and leaning on IT analysts to manage storage are obstacles of the past.

Storage as a Service Technical Specifications

  • Available via iSCSI protocol, delivered via SMF (or CAT6, depending on site) in either 1 GB or 10 GB port speeds.
  • SAN (block) storage
  • Encryption available
  • LUN is mapped to customer server(s)
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and VMware


Committed to Success

The DataBank Teamwork Advantage

At DataBank, you’ll always have a team of experts ready to work with you on your solutions. From engagement and build out, to launch and ongoing management, we work with you to develop the solution that best fits your needs. Your dedicated account manager and technical account manager will be work directly with you to ensure you get the service and support needed for success.

The DataBank Portal

Clarity and Control

Imagine having everyone, and everything, connected in one simple-to-use management portal. The DataBank Customer Portal gives you and your team real time analytics into performance, security, compliance, tickets, devices and more. Communication and clarity truly enhance your Colocation solution. Your mission critical infrastructure functions 24/7/365, and our support team is right there with you – never missing a beat.

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Secure, Resilient, and Redundant

Storage as a Service Overview

Learn how partnering with our experts delivers elastic data storage capacity, with management capabilities, to you and your team. Download our easy guide to the benefits and features of DataBank’s Storage as a Service solution.

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